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Welcome to Hammarprodukter!

We manufacture signs, marking systems and related products for use by electrical transmission and distribution companies and railway networks.

Hammarprodukter is the market leader in our niche in Scandinavia, with an extensive network of distributors worldwide.

We set ourselves high standards for quality awareness and stay in touch with our customers through personal service.

We are situated in Bjursås, in the middle of Sweden, with beautiful surroundings.


The FireFly, one of our Bird protection Products 

Watch a clip where a drone mounts FireFly.

The FireFly is a clearly visible "scarecrow" diverts the birds, preventing them from colliding with the overhead lines etc.

The Firefly utilizes reflectance of sunlight during the daylight hours and luminescent light emission during dusk and nighttime hours. This sparkling and refraction of light allows the birds to change their flight pattern to divert around the marked wires and avoid collisions. The rotational speed of the Firefly increases effectiveness.