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Hammarprodukter is a family business passed on through three generations.

Petter Hammar, son of blacksmith Anders Hammar and his wife Anna, travelled to a blacksmith school in Skara. After passing "qualifying piece of work" he returned to Bjursås to work with his father in the family blacksmith´s workshop.

Petter built a new smithy and started his own business.

Petter married Augusta. They had four children, three daughters and a son, Algot. During the 1930s Algot took on more of the work in the smithy.  He took over the business in the end of the 1930s.

The company name changed to P. Alg. Hammars Sheet-metal workshop and smithy. One year later Algot got an order from the army for "ashpans". During the World War Two the company produced up to 3000 ashpans.

The old smithy was extended. The production now included registration plates for cars and wheelbarrows for children.

In the mid 1950s the company began to explore possibilities in the electrical industry. This resulted in the production of pole covers and warning rings.

The company name finally changed to the current AB Hammarprodukter, with a hammer as the logotype. By this time production was now almost entirely for the electrical industry.

A new factory building was built.

New office and warehouse premises were built.

The company was taken over by the third generation of the Hammar family, Algot´s son Lars.

A warehouse were purchased.

The company acquired a former clog factory which today is used as a stockroom.

The main buliding was extended. The growing range of products required more space for production. Hammarprodukter became a market leader in Scandinavia.


Lars is awarded "The Company Leader of the Year" from the District of Falun. 

A new construction was built with premises of 1200 m² since the ever growing assortment needed more room for production.


Lars received a price as "The Company Leader of the Year " at Dalarna Business Award. 


A Diamond Diploma was awarded from AAA. A company with a diamond diploma has retained highest creditworthiness for at least 20 years.


Lars was awarded a category prize for his region as “Best International Growth” at Ernest & Youngs annually award gala. Ernest and Young’s main sponsor , the Swedish bank SEB, recognizes an entrepreneur that has rendered international success with this category prize. The different awards are distributed annually on regional, national and international level in more than 140 cities in 60 countries. 

Today the company has 24 employees and an extensive network of distributors worldwide.