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Powerline marker with snapfast and reflective markings on both sides, along line.

Prod no. E0668348

260 mm

Detailed Description

This multiple product´s main purpose is to avoid accidents with helicopters or aeroplanes. The diam. of the disc is 260 mm with reflective markingson both sides. The marker is installed with a SnapFast clamp. The clamp is made from weather-resistant plastic with a stainless steel spring action. The clamp is positioned by means of our Multi-Purpose Installation tool suitable for use with hotsticks, e.g. Chance and Pfisterer or Catu.

Simply raise the marker up to an overhead line (by means of the installation tool & hotstick), exert pressure via the hotstick, the clamp snaps shut and the marker is now installed.

THE POWERLINE MARKER can be installed and removed from the ground without cutting the power with the same installation tool.

THE POWERLINE MARKER is also perfect for construction sites, marinas, industrial plants, higher lines for heliports, river crossings , high traffic areas, marking overhead lines etc. where high machinery or aviation can strike power lines or distribution lines.

For line/conductor/cable/wire 10 - 70 mm diam along line.

Art.No FLG10-70Across For line/conductor/cable/wire 10 - 70 mm diam across line.

THE POWERLINE MARKER is also available for line/conductor/cable /wire 6-16 mm diam 

Art. No FLG16 , along line

and Art.No FLG6-16Across, across line